jeudi 4 février 2016

Should we always think about martyrdom ?

I am sorry for my mistakes in English... From now on, I will write in English time to time, when I think it is necessary.

Our Lord : "Even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows" 
Matthew X, 30.

In the Resistance, especially in the English-speaking Resistance, we can often read this kind of text : "Catholic Martyrdom - French revolution - Vendée 1793 - 250,000 Deaths. We Catholics may well be headed to a very similar martyrdom. Brace yourselves with the Rosary!" 

It is years this apocalyptic atmosphere lasts. It is not a good thing to think always about martyrdom, because it creates a negative and artificial atmosphere of insecurity. It creates unbalanced people. It makes people worry about the future while God wants them to live in the moment. 

God wants us to love him and to adore him now. 
He wants us to do his divine and holy will now. If we do now what God wants, he will take care of us either by giving us the strenght for martyrdom, if we are called to it, or by protecting us, if we are called to rebuild christianity after we will have had a chastisement.

Freemasons and people who don't love God are much more in danger than Catholics because the Apocalypse suggests they will die by the hand of God (natural disaster - cf. the sixth seal of Apocalypse)

Instead of worrying for ourselves, we should worry for freemasons and sinners who are going straight to hell. They are preparing for themselves an eternity of horrible sufferings. Freemasons, while deceiving good people are themselves deceived by the devil who made them false promises. They do not realize that the same Lucifer who taught them to lie to people is lying to them, too. They are blinded by the temporary power they have on earth.

Let's pray for their conversion and let's trust God for ourselves. If we prefer to die rather than to disobey God, we are sure our all-powerful and loving God will always chose what is the best for us. This certainty is sufficient. We have nothing to worry about, except not to do His will and the salvation of the poor souls of sinners.